LAPPD Figures for Papers and Talks

Joeg two new demountables


A pair of Demountable tile bases from Joe Gregar (ANL Glass Shop). These consist of a glass sidewall fritted onto a 30-strip `Frugal' glass anode and are used with an O-ring sealed window to test the MCP-spacer stack of the Frugal tile at the APS laser facility. The pump ports are reinforced for mechanical strength.
(photo courtesy Joe Gregar)

Demountable electronics imag0247


The fully-instrumented demountable test setup at the APS at Argonne. A 4-tile tile-row consisting of a 90-cm anode, of which 1 tile is the demountable test module, is read out with an Analog Card at each end. Each analog card carries 5 PSEC4 ASICS that digitze the 30 anode strips at 10 Gigasamples/sec. The digital values are read out by an FPGA on a Digital Card on each end (this is by the blue cables); these in turn pass the data to a Central Card that combines the 2 ends and communicates with the PC. Three such tile rows would share a support `Tray' and a single Central Card.

Demountable tile on sumo section 20120829


The Demountable pumped tile on a 4-tile anode row at the APS laser lab. The Demountable has an aluminum cathode, two 20-cm square MCP plates with 20 micron pores and an L/D of 60, and a 30-strip RF anode. The frame and window are made of the same glass parts that will be used in the sealed tube.

Dsc 3779


Photo of Frugal Tile

Single tile


Single tile: A single (9.02" x 8.66") glass plate with 30 silk-screened silver strips attached to fanout cards at the end.

Three tile


3 tile assembly: The combination of three tiles with 30 silk-screened silver strips attached to two fanout cards at the ends.

Zero tile


0 tile assembly: The combination of two FR4 fanout card soldered together.

Andrey time resolution vs novers


The differential time resolution vs 1/(Signal-to-Noise) as measured in the 8" test setup at the APS. The signals from the 2 ends of an 8" 30-strip anode are brought out to the scope and digitized. The MCP stack is a pair of 8" ALD-functionalized plates.
(Courtesy of Andrey, Bernhard, Matt, Razib, Sasha)



The sealed Demountable Test Tile ready for test.



Bob Wagner loading the stack of MCP's and spacers into the tile-base of the Demountable Test Tile.