LAPPD Figures for Papers and Talks

Anil spacer photo


Two ALD-functionalized glass grid spacers.
(Credit: Anil Mane)

Anil spacer iv plot


A plot of current vs. voltage for the ALD-functionalized grid spacers.
(Credit: Anil Mane)

Anil resistance table


The resistances and consequent voltages of the internal layers of a Tile. High Voltage (HV) is applied to an external tab on the underside of the top window; the anode strips are at HV ground. The
current flowing through the stack of 2 MCP's and 3 spacers produces the voltages shown in the table.
(Credit Anil Mane)



Super Module Electronics

Incom microchannelplate8x8 banner


An 8" by 8" capillary glass substrate from Incom. Note that you can see through it- there are approximately 80 million 20-micron pores in the plate.
(Courtesy of Incom.Inc, Charlton MA; Photo Credit Michael Minot)

Frugal%20tile%20 %20detector%20assembly


Frugal Tile and Tray

The frugal tile


Assembled Frugal Tile - April 2012

Drawing and image


The Frugal Tile

Design Drawing from September 2010
Actual Glass Parts from April 2012

2012 04 16 8inch timing2


Plot from Andrei's April 17, 2012 Blog post, which has the description of the setup.
The MCP's are 8" plates, 12258-543 (T) and 12258-540 (B). The anode is the 40-strip glass anode. The data are recorded by (some?) scope.